Anti Bacterial, High-heat Reflection,
Triple Protection
RAVO brings you state of the art innovation with combination of advance Nano Technology and crystal minerals under the process of electromagnetic waves,to fight and neutralises germs and bacteria, while having high definition clarity and high heat rejection window films for you beloved home, building and automotive applications.

The Technology

The nano electromagnetic surface IONMAX window film absorbs and ionize H20 on the surface of the film membrane, thusgenerates negative ions to the applicationsurroundings.


Surface antibacterial properties of 99.99% through international test bodies inspection based on 2 standards. International SGS report and Malaysia SIRIM quality test report with the result of class 1; class A.SGS(ISO 22196:2011), proving that within 24 hours eliminates 99.99% bacteria and fungus, (ATCC 6538, ATCC 8739) (MS2669:2018) Solar Performance Full Pass with result of class 1, class A, weathering test full pass and bake test full pass to ensure the quanlity of the window film.


  • Up to 10 years of quality assurance.
  • Longer Lasting performance under long period of sun exposure.
  • Mineral nano ceramic technology.
  • Sirim quality tested with all pass (Class 1 and Grade A).
  • Long Lasting appearance.
  • Environmental friendly film.
  • High definition clarity.
  • Suitable for all automative and architectual green building projects.